Awake in the Wild Experience

Mindfulness, nature and art


The Awake in the Wild Experience (AWE) is a mindfulness in nature art installation and outdoor happening.  AWE invites participants to cultivate a deeper connection to the natural world in their cities and neighborhoods. Conceived of by artist Sara Overton, AWE is inspired by the book Awake in the Wild by mindfulness teacher and wilderness guide Mark Coleman.

Visitors will use the nature meditations adapted from Awake in the Wild to engage all senses with nature, inviting a deeper connection with the natural world.  For Los Angeles, Venice landscape architect Pamela Palmer is developing the garden for AWE.  In New York City, Brooklyn landscape architect Tricia Martin and WE Design will create the AWE garden.

Mindfulness in Nature and Music: Tenzin Choegyal, Mark Coleman and Sara Overton

Tenzin, who has participated in the Tibet House US benefit concerts at Carnegie Hall and whose music has been described as "beautifully evocative" and "spine tingling" will offer musical meditations with his transcendent vocals and exquisite lute solos. Mark will speak about meditation in nature and how the practices invite us to connect with the natural world in the midst of the city, and he will lead some of the practices. Sara will share the vision of the Awake in the Wild Experience to bring the mindfulness in nature practices to every borough of New York City and beyond. From 7-9p, Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at New York Insight. 

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